Maternity Reflexology

Whether you have reflexology in preparation for pregnancy, during pregnancy or after the birth, this natural popular therapy is a wonderful tool at all stages.
maternity reflexology bathMaternity reflexology is believed to help optimise your health potential and encourage the body to cope with any minor ailments during pregnancy. Having regular sessions is believed to help to maintain the body’s natural rhythms.

Sub Fertility and pre-conception

This period for some can be a challenging and stressful time. Most care professionals no matter what their discipline will advise that both parties get into good shape – physically and mentally to prepare for the up’s and downs that may occur.
Reflexology can be a great support therapy through the early stages of preparation, helping to gain and maintain balance in all the body’s systems.

We need to promote homeostasis which means all systems working at their optimum.
At this time promotion of your health is what is important, that way; you are creating the best environment for conception to take place.

For some, this time can be very upsetting and strain relationships. Stress as we know can play a major part in couple’s inability to conceive, therefore the benefits of having reflexology treatments that gives you allocated time out is incredibly important and can help to relieve anxiety, stresses and worries.

As a Reflexologist I aim to do the best for you. And both parties need support. During this phase I may use a type of vertical reflexology alongside the traditional methods on both partners to aid the sessions. (Please see Partner’s Plan)
Assisted Conception: IVF, IUI, ICIS, GIFT

Reflexology can be used alongside assisted conception. These methods can sometimes be physically and mentally exhausting – however as you will be under medical supervision – I must have written permission from your specialist.

Please note if you are taking the drug Clomid to help produce multiple ova you must not have Reflexology, as the therapy aims to balance therefore may counteract the intention of the drug.

Reflexology during pregnancy

Reflexology is believed to be excellent for maintaining balance of mind and body whilst these rapid changes are taking place and many minor ailments respond well to regular sessions where the treatment will be tailored to you and any symptoms that arise.

During this period Reflexology can be done, however the treatments are very gentle and the sessions are more about relaxation techniques than working the system. Some prefer to substitute Reflexology with Reiki at this point. We can draw this into your Maternity Treatment plan. And for Mums following the Gentle Birth Method by Dr Gowri & MacLeod I will quite happily follow their recommended Reflexology and Reiki schedule.
This is a wonderful time of growth for both mother and child and at some point during this trimester movement will be felt, a great time for monthly sessions, to support mum to be and the unborn baby. Also any ailments can often be helped with reflexology, such as: Back or joint pain, Symphysis, Pubis Disorder pain (SPD), Morning sickness, Constipation, IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome ,Cystitis, Oedema, Insomnia, Mood swings, Headaches, Fatigue, Heartburn.

Reflexology is also believed to encourage General relaxation Relief of stress and anxiety Increased energy levels

From week 28 till birthing. Considerable growth takes place now with the baby gaining weight prior to delivery which can mean a slow down in mobility for mum. Ideally reflexology sessions should be given more frequently but for shorter sessions.

Post natal Reflexology

After all the changes during the past nine months, reflexology can be a wonderful therapy to help readjust to the pre pregnant state. It is also believed to be effective in helping:

Normalise hormone levels
Inadequate lactation
Sleep problems
Stress or anxiety
Joint aches and pains
Boost energy levels
Baby blues / postnatal depression
Pre/Post Pregnancy Package at the London Road Clinic
How about having a combination of osteopathy and reflexology during your pregnancy and after the baby is born. I have teamed up with Alex Earle owner of the London Road Clinic to create a package looking after you at every stage of pregnancy and post partum. Click here for further details


If you are considering having any therapy during your pregnancy I would always advise to discus with your obstetric caregiver before proceeding.
Please do read the notes below on conditions of caution / contraindication.
*History of repeated miscarriage, *Placenta Paevia, *History of vaginal bleeding, *DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), *Pre-eclampsia, *Eclampsia, *Pregnancy induced hypotension, *Diabetes/Pregnancy induced diabetes – only with Dr’s permission
* There are also acupressure points that are traditionally forbidden to use during pregnancy these areas are also avoided during treatments.