Baby Reflexology

I have had some wonderful results treating babies and children with reflexology and have been a Baby Reflexology Teacher since 2009.We all know having ‘tools in the box’ for different circumstances can be a great help. Learning Baby Reflex can be another one of those tools. Baby Reflex is a gentle style of reflexology to be used on babies from 4 weeks old to toddlers.

Course Structurebaby reflexology bath

The Baby Reflex course runs over two consecutive weeks. Each session is one hour plus an optional half hour for socialising with of course tea and cake! In these sessions you will learn simple reflexology techniques to use on your own baby.

Week one: Feeding and Digesting & Sleeping and Comforting
Week two: Teething & Wellbeing

The attendees of the course learn the reflexology techniques on plastic feet or if feeling brave on each other and then at the end of the session the routine is done on the parent’s own baby under my watchful eye.

History of Baby Reflex

Baby Reflex was set up after 15 years of research by the Chartered Physiotherapist & qualified Reflexologist Jenny Lee. Jenny had been researching the effects that regular reflexology had on Childhood Asthma. Her findings were very encouraging. The children felt a deep sense of relaxation, their sleep patterns improved, as did the effects of their asthma. Children also seemed bond with their parents more, and those with behavioral problems, seemed to lessen, but the overall consensus was a complete enjoyment from the treatments. These findings were exciting and inspired Jenny to create Baby Reflex in 2005.
Most excitingly Baby Reflex has now been taught to qualified Reflexologists world wide.

How does Baby Reflex work?

Baby Reflex works in the same way as in adult treatments but it is adapted to the needs and size of those little feet.
These are fun sessions for parents and baby. If working in a group it’s a great way to meet other Mums, create new friendships and be in a supporting environment.

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Please ensure your Baby Reflex teacher works under the Baby Reflex logo as that proves they are a qualified reflexologist
Please call or email for more information or visit my facebook page for course dates